Indoor Combined Carols Event


In the event of wet weather

Given the rain and forcast for more rain this week.
Carols has been moved into the StayKCC Auditorium.

Start time:                               5pm  (Food and Coffee | Carols from 6pm)

Finish time:                             8pm

Location:                                 StayKCC Auditorium (119 Cliff Drive). At top of the hill. 

Event type:                              Religious Gathering

Expected attendance:            100-500 people. Max 750

Food:                                       For sale: Coffee, Burgers, Chips

Bus service:                            Blue Mts Explorer

Facilities:                                 StayKCC Toilet Blocks

Parking:                                   Scenic World Carpark

Sign In:                                    QR Code - Sign in is mandatory to attend this event

Social distancing:                   2sq meters

NSW Govt Advice on singing

singing or chanting as part of the audience or congregation​​

  • indoor settings – NSW Health strongly recommends that audience members and congregants older than 12 years old wear face masks if singing or chanting.

Rows of chairs in the Auditorium will spaced 1.5m apart. Family groups may sit together. 3 chairs must be maintained between each family group to ensure 1.5m spacing (each chair is 50cm wide). Everyone must remain seated throughout the event unless heading to the bathroom or buying food. 


There's a FREE bus to and from carols for the whole upper mountains!


Getting to Carols

Leaving Carols

Bus Timetable.JPG

Please note: Walking from the oval or scenic world carpark to the KCC Auditorium will be required so plan accordinly and follow the directions of our friendly volunteers


StayKCC will have the following available to buy at the carols event

Carols Menu.png
Carols Sign in Public.png

Check In for carols